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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Finally got my Heirlooms Basic Brush Set and Palettes!


I know, I know, some of you were waiting for me to post, but I got sidetracked! The BF wanted to go eat dinner, then we ended up going to Wal-Mart and Borders, soOoooo now I am here uploading and trying to post at the same time! So bare with me...

Here are my pics! I bought the basic brush set and the cool and smokey eyes palette. Surprisingly there are quite a few colors you can pass up on if you are already a MAC addict and have some of the permanent eyeshadows as some of these colors are the same if not similar.

What I liked:
Like I have mentioned before, I am a sucker for cute packaging, no joke. So naturally, I just love the cute clutch the brushes came in, I would never use it, but it's super cute! I may end up giving it to my sister, but keeping the brushes! The brushes are great as well, this is actually my first brush set from MAC as I end up buying the full sized ones, but I love these brushes because they make great travel brushes! I bought the BASIC BRUSH set which has a face powder brush, an angled eyeshadow brush, #239 brush which is like a fluffy eyeshadow brush great for applying pigments wet or dry, a lip brush, and #219 brush which is a pointed soft tip liner or crease brush. The eye palettes cases are absolutely gorgeous! I love the whole silver crown ornament theme they have going, and it's just super sexy! I love the HUGE mirrors it comes with! The colors also are beautiful! I haven't really played with them yet, so let me play with them and i'll post a more detailed review!

What I didn't like: I didn't like the hinges on the palettes that connect the mirror to it, they are very fragile and they don't hold up the mirror AT ALL, and that's on BOTH of my palettes, so you basically have to hold it open rather than just opening it and it just stays there.

I am actually looking forward to perhaps the finery bags and the curiositease collection, simply because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pigments! I love them more than the eyeshadows because they are more vibrant and last all day for me, so I am definitely shelling out for those!


The cute little cardboard box...

The palette itself:


Anonymous said...


Can you do a video tut for us pls?
thx in advance

LynaV said...

hey vanessa! its lyn! :)
thanks for posting! you have an awesome blog! i cant wait to get my brush sets as well! :) ill keep coming back to check for new things! nice to meet you online! lol and awesome pictures. they are so clear!!

d0rksta said...

wow that's sooo cool! all i got were the gold handle brushes. the packaging of the palettes are pretty.

i just noticed that you have a link of my blog on your site. hehe thanks! i must do that too! (:

Anonymous said...

can you do a tutorial on the Cool Eyes Palette?

Vanessa said...

Yes anonymous! I will gladly do a tutorial on the cool eyes palette, hopefully I can get around to it this weekend! :)

Stephie said...

yummmy ate! i love the cool eyes palette! i was just going to get the metallic eyes one, but now i'm rethinking it :) i'm probably going to skip on the brushes after all...

btw i got it today *wink*! thank you so much! when i come out to LA, i'm SO treating you out :D <3 you!

Stephie said...

oh one more q.... how does the 129 brush feel? is it soft? i hate the one i have from my previous brush set!

nilla cookie said...

Oh I can't wait until my Basic Brush set comes in the mail! It looks so cute and I actually prefer the smaller handles b/c my hands are pretty small - LOL. Looking forward to checking out your tutorials if you get around to doing them this weekend.

Have a good one and hope you're all safe from the fires this past week :)

mary said...

oh my!! i saw those palettes today too!! i'm waiting for the ones in the tube box....the cluches didn't really appeal to me when i saw it in person...we'll see..i love the palette colors too!!

anonymous2 said...

What a great blog! I enjoy your posts on ABB, and your pics on your official website are gorgeous!

Jane said...

Wow, what a great make up haul! I haven't got the brushes and palettes yet, but I bought the COlor collection already, and tried them out today. They're beautiful. With your post, I'm really looking forward to the palettes! :)

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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