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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Reader Question: How to do makeup for film or TV?


Q: Hi! I have a question concerning on how to do my own makeup for a short film in which i will make an appearance for my work. I will be the main focus on this. Since I will be doing my own makeup I would like some tips and how to's on what exactly to do different for this occasion.

I have dark brown hair with honey highlites; an oval face; light olive skin; brown eyes. My skin has an oily inverted t-zone area and medium sized pores on my nose. I am going to be wearing a suit that is either navy blue or dark grey. I do wear makeup everyday but I know you need to do it differently for film. Any suggestions?

I currently have the Mac prep & prime already; studio fix powder, studio fix mist spray, studio fix liquid, Benefit's some kind a gorgeous foundation faker; Benefit's Georgia peach powder. These are my choices for foundations and powders. I am willing to buy something else if need be. I have heard about Smashbox cosmetics being good for Film but don't want to buy some if I don't have to already.

Any suggestions and how-tos would be greatly appreciated.



A: Hi Rose!

Thank you for your email as well as providing me with a lot of info, it helps a lot!

Makeup for TV needs a little more attention than your everyday makeup because if it's going to be in a studio, the studio lights can wash you out and make you look pale. Also, rule of thumb is to avoid red lipstick, lipgloss, and shimmers, as these are distracting and take away from your face. You want to make sure you use a really good concealer to cover any dark circles, blemishes, fine lines, etc as this appears more on camera and film than in person. If you have oily skin, or oily areas on your face, try using a mattifying cream that takes away the shine (try Lauren Hutton's Matte Moisturizer), or apply your foundation and dab translucent power all over or for touch ups to take away the shine (I like Laura Mercier's translucent brightening powder, Sephora), OR you can use a light bronzer to give you a bit of color, gently sweeping it across your forehead, cheeks, top of the nose ,and chin, whereever the sun hits you.

Keep your makeup simple but looking fresh, since you are wearing either navy blue or dark grey, neutral colors will even complement your outfit (and because you have honey highlights it will definitely bring out your face), earthy tones such as taupes or browns, or you can just use a light grey or medium gray eyeshadow on your outer V (outer corner of your lid) to make your eyes "pop" and just use a light taupe or bone color on your lid, then use a shimmery light color like MAC's eyeshadow in "Shroom" or "Ricepaper" to highlight your browbone. The matte eyeshadows from MAC are also great for your look, copperplate is an awesome neutral color. The trick is to just contour your eye, w/o overdoing it, line the bottom of your eyes with a soft dark brown or a gray to make your eyes stand out. Black might be TOO much and overpowering. I assume you are gorgeous anyway so you don't even need a lot of makeup!

Since you have light olive skin, a peach or brownish peach blush would look awesome on you! Also, keep your lips a nice soft color, like a light soft pink, medium pink, or a rose color. Neutral lipsticks don't work as this will make you look pale because it doesn't really show up on camera, so you want some color on your face, but not too much. Just add a bit more translucent powder or a powder you already have to those areas where you are oily to avoid shine.

Hope that helps!


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