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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Product Review ( NYX Concealer Jar


Here is my insider's pick for NYX Concealer Jar!

I am such a sucker when it comes to buying concealer because I am willing to try any concealer to cover up my dark circles and any other blemishes that occasionally pop up. I have bought tons of concealer from drugstores to even high-end brands, and have had mixed results in the sense that some were okay and did the job, but none that really outlasted in terms of performance and giving me a fresh-awakened look to last all day—until now.

I tried the NYX Concealer in a Jar and let me tell you how amazing this miracle in a bottle is! First of all, the packaging. It is so cute! It's a tiny round jar, but don't let the size fool you! It has A LOT of concealer in side to last you a very long time, and what I love is how tiny it is to even keep in your purse for any touch ups. Second, it's very creamy and glides on easily. I use a concealer brush, scrape some of the concealer in the jar, and DAB it from the inner corner of my eye to the outer to cover up my dark circles, and then DAB with my finger or a wedge-sponge to blend together. You don't want to wipe the concealer from side to side because that just takes off some of the concealer and you will end up using more giving you a cakey look, and instead whatever you are trying to conceal is much more noticeable and prominent. You just want to use a little bit and dab it across, a little goes a long way with this concealer!

I have tried concealers that were TOO water-based and ended up sliding off under my eyes, making me look even more tired, worst of all, when you are trying to conceal a red pimple and it fades off so that everything shows! I even had concealers that were super thick that once I put my foundation over it, you can see that it settled in the lines and was very cakey. I also hated those concealers that claim to be waterproof and last all day, but wouldn't even make it to lunch time! But with this NYX Concealer jar that is NEVER a problem and what I truly enjoyed was that it lasted all day with me. I was also hunting for a concealer that gave me the same look as the moment I put it on, 'till the time I came home after a long day at work; and this definitely does it. For you gals on a budget looking for a good dupe of MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Concealer.

Here is a pic of Sugabum from ABB (Asianbeautyblog), who took a pic of the concealer and compared it to a higher-end (and way more expensive)concealer, Makeup Forever, just proves that drugstore brands can be just as good, if not better, than expensive brands!


Caramel Mimi said...

Thanks so much for this review. I was thinking about buying this product, but I wasn't sure if was any good. It's about time for me to buy some more concealer and I think I will try NYX this time. Thanks a bunch =P

Alyssia said...

Yes, i agree! Thank you sooo much for posting this! I just saw the NYX concealer the other day when I was picking up some of their lipglosses, but I too was unsure of their quality!

Ur the greatest! =)


Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa!

May I know what shade of NYX Concealer in a Jar you tested?



Christiana said...

wow, that picture shows how big a difference it makes! :] i think i may have to go and pick this up as well. :P you enabler you. haha. :P

Anonymous said...

wow! thank you for posting this about the NYX concealer. I've been eyeing that concealer in wondering if it's good or not.

If you don't mind, do you think you can check to see if there are any sulfa ingredients in it please (or list the ingredients so i can check)? cherry culture and NYX's webbie doesn't show the ingredients and I'm very allergic to sulfa (example: barium sulfate, laurel sulfate, sulfosuccinate). Thank you so much. I hope this isn't too much to bothersome.

This is Gracie again from the previous request of the cutesy-asian makeup. I'm also Snugglebunny from ABB.

here's my email again:

Anonymous said...

from Gracie:

oh whoops! NYX's webbie DOES have the ingredients listed. my mistake! I didn't really notice it until now XD. i usually just look at colors and see if it's listed with it and I didn't realize that huge block of small print at the bottom left corner.

please disregard my previous comment :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa!

Can you tell me what shade of concealer you purchased? Thanks!


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