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Monday, October 29, 2007

Product Review: MAC Basic Brush Set


Overall: 2 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Price: 2 out of 5

Ok, ok, before I am put onto the stake, let me plea my case. I had high hopes for the brush sets, and high hopes as in this-is-my-first-MAC-brush-set-it's-gonna-be-the-bomb brush set. But unfortunately, I was actually very disappointed with it. Despite the adorable tweed clutch that encases the brushes, I was shocked how cheaply made these brushes were! It was A LOT lighter than I thought (the handle and overall feel), the 129 brush (the big powder brush) was scratchy on my face, and seriously it felt like the bristles of cheap brushes you would buy at Kmart. No joke. It's also made in China (not that everything made in China is cheap), but comparative to the full sized brushes which are made in Japan.

Like my sis Stephie mentioned in her video comparison of the brush sets and the full-sized brushes, the way they are made is completely different to the full-sized ones, and I could not agree more. I own several full-sized MAC brushes along with other brushes (Sonia Kushuk, EoB, Sephora), and even the Target brushes I got were a lot better to me than the brush sets.

Now keep in mind that I am only speaking for the BASIC brush set that I bought, the eye and face sets may be different, and I know to each his own, but me PERSONALLY, I did not enjoy these brushes as much as I wish I could have. The angled brush (# 266) was hard! It was so rough on my eye I felt I was applying my eyeshadow with sandpaper! So for price, I think if you are willing to already pay $48, might as well get a GOOD brush.

So along with reader Alma, I too will perhaps sadly return my brush set and save my money and use it for the Stylistics brush set that is coming out next month, and see if that fares better. (I really hope it does!), the clutch on that is gorgeous as well, a sleek black clutch veiled with black and white pearls.


mary said...

I had bought the same set last year...and I thought it was good. the eyeshadow shader was a little rough, but overall i liked it. I was n't to happy about the clutch looked cheaply i didn't get it...overall i might not get anything from the collection...!!

nilla cookie said...

Oh bummer, that sucks to hear! I also bought the Basic Brush Set and am still waiting for it to come in the mail. Let's see if my set is as bad as yours and Alma's.. Keep you posted! :)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Great review !!!! Totally agree!!!
Mine are going back TOMORROW!!! No need for them to gather dust or have my reciept expire right?

Sandy said...

i got the brush set from novel twist. i didn't like the powder brush. it would leave hair on my skin so i don't use it. i was planning to get them brushes but after reading it, i don't think i will. brushes are oh so expensive in sydney. i'm thinking to tell mum to get them for me from singapore airport :) it's way cheaper than sydney. thanks for the input :)

Anonymous said...

the brush set from the Stylistic collection will be the same since they will be mass produce and not hand made.

Anonymous said...

I actually bought the eye and the basic ones but had nothing of the full sized i can't compare and I haven't even used the brush set yet but after reading ur review, the basic will be sure to go bye bye

Anonymous said...

hi vanessa,

i also bought the eyes and the basic brush set. To me, the 129 is ok but the 217 brush is kinda hard.
I am looking for you know what's a good alt to the 224,217,219,252


Vanessa said...

Liz, alternatives as in brushes that are NOT MAC? Also let me know yoyr email so I can reply to you.


Anonymous said...

hi vanessa

i sent you an email at your
nessasarymakeup at gmail dot com


Stephie said...

awww my poor ate... i hope your face is alright from the harsh bristles :P i thought it was only my brushes being bad because most other people rave about them. i can't wait for the next collections, might as well use your mullah on those :D! <3 you!

Unknown said...

Nessa, I have to disagree with you on the 266SE. I'd gotten it as a gift before I'd ever seen the full-sized 266 and when I tried to apply fluidline with it as all the MUA and specktra fluidline fanatics recommended, it was horrible! But now it's become a daily essential brush for's like a coarse version of the 266, and is perfect for eyebrow defining and lining the eyes with eyeshadow (i like to do that sometimes when i'm too lazy to apply gel liner). Do give it a try sometime and see how that works out for you! On a sidenote, I will have to agree with most of what u said abt the other brushes...particularly the blush brush which is obviously very cheap and practically came apart the first time i washed it. :(

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