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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

AVON Package Arrived!


My AVON items arrived today! And I must say, I am really impressed how far they have come. I know some of you are sticking to your grounds and are skeptical about AVON (as was I), but I have since welcomed AVON with open arms since their products have really changed since the last time I remember it!

As I was mentioning in my previous post regarding some AVON dupes, here is the actual comparison:

MAC Slimshines vs. AVON Glazewear Moisture Shines- The two in the back are the AVON lippies, "Honey Bare" (cute name isn't it!?) and "Ravishing Red"; the ones in the front are the MAC Slimshines in "Bare" and "Intimidate". The color payoff is incredible, and the shine as well, imo, just like the MAC Slimshines except these are way below half the price! I love them and don't they really look alike!???

Honey Bare

Ravishing Red

Mineralized Eyeshadow Duos- The AVON version looks a lot smaller in person, but they are about the same size because MAC's compact is a lot bigger (if you need to see the actual size, go back to my "depotting MAC blushes" post so you can see the REAL size after it's been taken out of the original pan). I got "Grey Matters", the white side reminded me of MAC e/s in "Rondelle". The pigmentation is the same to me, great color payoff, I wish they had more colors to choose from, I think i'd order them all!

Also got some cute comfy undies at Wal-Mart! I love 'em!



i can't believe avon! they have improved. i remember when i used to buy avon makeup when i was in intermediate LOL. but the packaging looks awesome & those colors look great on you!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping me updated on Avon. I don't prefer them but your swatches are amazing. They have lipgloss on sale for $1.99 and because of you I am going to try them out. Thank you for not selling out and pushing products that are not good, like some websites.

Smirking Cat said...

Avon is a 50/50 chance that it will be great, or just awful. I try to buy new products when they are on sale, and if you don't like it, Avon has a great return policy. I love the Glazewear lipstick, and their eye make-up remover lotion.

Xuanie said...

i like the two avon lipstick on you bare honey esp. really pretty. the undies you got from walmart are just the cuties! i love to wear undies like that, once i bought undies from areo like that and the sales guy was like arent you a lil to old to wear underwear like this, and i go NOPE! lol hehe have a good one!

Bliss said...

Oooo nice haul and the colours looks lovely on you, never tried them before but you are making me want them, especially the ravishing red looks beautiful and the eyeshadows heheh

ilurvemakeup said...

Cute undies lol :) Ahhh! Now I need to placed an order! I already got in trouble for buying 4 slimshines, husband claims they all looked alike on my lips lol I need that lip erase me thinks, thank you for that review btw. *runs to lurk at Avon site* You are such a bad influence... but I still lurve you :)

MakeupByRenRen said...

hey honey bunches! my BF told me that yall wanted to meet up in cali, poops! i didnt have internet access except many the two times i was on the trip :( but i'm sure our paths will cross one of these days :) i'm so glad i have the internet again...i was going through withdrawal! i sneeked a peak at your blog during work today b/c i couldn't resist, he he, don't tell my boss. your avon stuff really does look like MAC by the way!

May said...

ooOOh! now i've got to check out the avon dupes. grr... thanks a lot, ness!

do you order directly from avon online or through a rep?

Vanessa said...

Anonymous- You welcome! Thank YOU! As a consumer I also want to make sure that people are giving their honest opinions, and although I know everyone is different and "another man's trash is another man's treasure", but reviews definitely do help!

Xuanie- I know right! He is a weirdo for even asking you that, I would have been like shutup you are getting my money! LOL.

Bliss- I love "Ravishing Red", it's not a bright crazy red, it's nice and subtle.

Lurve- HAHA, tell me about it, the BF is keeping a close eye on my spending habits, I don't even know if I can get away with an eyeshadow ! haha sorry I am an enabler. lol.

Sis Ren- Good to hear from you again Sissy! How was your trip to Cali??? I wanna see pics! And too bad we didn't get to meet up but I know oneday we will! And crazy how they look like MAC huh???

May- I order directly from the site even though I have 2 friends that are reps, haha I am that impatient!

Nic Nic said...

The lipsticks look gorgeous on you!! really like both color on you. They really look like MAC slimshine! lol, you making me want to buy one since they cost half as much of the MACs!
The shadow reminds me of a one NARS's color duo :)

brittni said...

What is the exact name of the avon mineralized eyeshadows? I can't seem to find them on the Avon site. Thanks

Chiara said...

My do those shadows look strikingly similar :D

Honey bare looks really nice on you :] I think I want to order those nail polish stickers that you blogged about awhile back from AVON too, those were soo sick xD

Vanessa said...

Brittni if you click on the category "eyes" you will see it if you scroll down, they aren't hard to find, they are called something like "Satin Mineralized Eyeshadow Duos"....

Angie said...

Wow, I've been tempted to buy Avon stuff after your previous reviews about them. The Glazewear looks really cute. I'll probably try some out too. Cute undies btw!! Love the coffee one, lol. Gah, what I love about your blog is that you update everyday!! Thanks for trying, babe!! It's on my to-do-list everyday, to read Vanessa's blog! :P

Mrs. Lynne said...

And I LOVE that Avon is so affordable!! All hail Avon!!

Ruby said...

Ravishing red is BEAUTIFUL!

How much are the price difference if I were to buy the milani wet/dry on its site or if I had someone(you? xD) do a cp?

SenoritaDurazno said...

Hydra-radiance moisturizing night cream by avon has spectacular comments! if u ever try it out please let us know! im in love with moisturizers!!

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