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Sunday, February 24, 2008

EOTD: Black & Gold, More Milani, EOB Brushes, & Pure Luxe Mineral Eyeshadows


Here is my "eye of the day" (EOTD) I did a few days ago, I was in a hurry so I forgot to take a full face pic. I wanted to put my MAC Paint Pot in "Cash Flow" to some good use, so here is what I used:

- MAC PP in "Cash Flow" all over the lid up to brow bone
- NYX "Blondie" e/s all over the lid just above crease
- Milani "Storm" and MAC e/s in "Carbon" on outer-V (outer half of the lid) and crease
- Indelible Gel Eyeliner in "Black Out"



Mai Tai Blush= 1 available
Silver Charm= 3 available
Lily White= 1 available
Beach Sand= 1 available
Royalty= 1 available
Coffee Shop= 1 available

***SOLD***I am also selling a BRAND NEW long handled baby kabuki brush I bought from Lumiere's Pre-Buy Brush Sale last year, I had to wait months to get it and completely forgot about it, so I never even used it since I bought the MAC 180 brush! The website is selling it for $19, and I am selling it for $12 including shipping. The brush hairs are soft!

I also bought an Essence of Beauty brush set with brush wrap, all for $10! I found out that Essence of Beauty is affiliated with CVS Pharmacies, meaning it's a brand made specifically FOR CVS, which is why it's uber hard to find! It's only available at CVS!

My Pure Luxe Mineral Eyeshadow Samples arrived the other day as well, can't wait to do a fotd with them! I love their mineral eyeshadows!

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sweet tartx said...

I love that Galaxy color. I think I'm going to have to buy me some myself hehe. Kudos! I love the black & gold look also. <33

butterfly said...

hi! vanessa, what would be the total price of the eob brushes for an international buyer? i'm in the uk. thanks! great blog!!

Bliss said...

Thats a lovely EOTD, perfect for dates hheheh. Im so jealous of your hauls can't wait for more FOTDs :)

brittni said...

It's nice see how much you love PureLuxe! I've been ordering from them forever. They're my favorite mineral eyeshadow. Fyrinnae is great too and I'd love to get around to branching out to Meow Makeup too but all in all I just love mineral makeup (and samples) so much more for their really great payoff of color; as well as sparkly-ness!

Those Milani eyeshadows are gorgeous though. Everytime I see you post about them I think my jaw drops. hehe

Charlene said...

Vanessa, do you think the milani beach sand could be a champagne? Or a dupe for the ricepaper like we've been back and forthing about? thanks!

mayaari said...

lovely EOTD girl :) I wandered over to CVS the other day for non-makeup items & noticed that the small Milani stand was completely empty of ALL their eyeshadows!

Pure Luxe has such pretty eyeshadows - I've only used a few so far, but Heather Mist & Utopia look nice.

Gween said...

Hi, great EOTD! I love the colour combo;)
I have dilema. I don't know which of Milani's lipstick buy.
Could you take photos of your lips in milani lipstick in amaretto? Is the effect realy nude?

psychoexgirlfriend said...

The Milani eyeshadows are gorgeous! I'd buy if I had the money (and room) for more makeup. :D

(g)ezebel said...

darn. i am reeeally sad i didn't buy the Cash Flow p/p. i MUST have it now -- it looks great on you. i had no idea that Milani had such beautiful eyeshadows! i'm going to raid my kid's piggy bank and go to walgreen's now. *wonders if target or walmart has milani*

Anne said...

was that the brush you were talking about?? or is that a different one? i forgot haha.

boooo i have a final tomorrow... :(

Nic Nic said...

I love your EOTD, it's hot! I'm gonna have to check out Cash Flow when its out here :D

omg, Caribbean sea is such a pretty color!! I wish I could buy that as well, but i have to cut down :(

Pretty swatches from Pure Luxe, pigmented too!

The Home Spa Goddess said...

I want the EoB brush set! I haven't seen that yet, I love their brushes!

krstylkleer said...

Isn't CVS grrreat? :]

Emilee @ GMM said...

Thanks for the swatches! I've been debating making an order from PL, but their selection is overwhelming. At least now I have an idea of what I want. :)

lynn said...

I think it's really nice of you to go out of your way to make these products available to others. I know I sometimes take for granted the fact that we have so many cool shops all around us here in LA. It's funny to imagine not having a CVS at every corner. I think I'll check out that milani brand next time I go to CVS. I know I must go there at least 3 times a week to pick up alcohol, gum, snacks, and lashes.

Jane said...

Hi Vanessa,

I do love Pure Luxe as well! I'm hoping to see your EOTDs on these samplers! Have you tried the Eyeshadow Primer that they have? I think it's pretty awesome!

Um, since I'm commenting on your mineral make-up purchases, I wanted to make a suggestion for you: The She Space. I think if you love the PL e/s, you're going to adore the range and amazing collections that Heather has. It's on LOL I sound like a paid ad, but really, these two mineral make-up sites are my absolute favorites!

Anyway, hope you have a great day.

Mrs. Lynne said...

is it just me, or did you take the pix down? i don't see the eye sis!!!

Vanessa said...

Sis Lynne! HAHA thanks for noticing that I don't know how it just disappeared lol, I put them back up! LOL

Anonymous said...

hi! i saw bought that brush set the other day at cvs too! and is it me, or does that 'powder' brush looks similar to your expensive mac contouring brush? i love eob brushes.
ps absolutely love your site.

Nic Nic said...

Hi Vanessa!

i got your msg on my blog - im so surprised, and it so sweet and kind of you!! thank you so much!! you're one of the nicest ppl out there, even though i havent met you! big hugs and kisses hehe

Mrs. Lynne said...

Yay! I got to see, thanks sis! And I love Cash Flow against your skin. Absolutely gorgeous.

Vanessa said...

Gween- It's really sheer, and yes almost nude, (I compare it to MAC's 3N Collection), I'll try and do a swatch soon!

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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