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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Reader Question: Foiling regular eyeshadows


Q: How do you use shadows (not pigments) wet? I put my wet brush on a MAC eyeshadow once and it made the eyeshadow harden, making it completely unusable [and ruins the eyeshadow]. Do you put your wet brush directly on the shadow? How does that work? Thanks a million!!

A: I actually ruined one of my old Milani eyeshadows doing this (gotta love trial and error!). MAC eyeshadows (as well as other eyeshadows) are not really meant to be applied wet since they are very well pigmented as it is, but what I do is spritz a tiny bit of water or mixing medium (whichever you prefer) from a spray bottle onto my sponge tipped applicator or brush (it's not wet, or too damp, but just sprinkled with water) and LIGHTLY rub it on the eyeshadow gradually picking up more color. I know some gals also scrape a tiny bit of eyeshadow from the pan to work with...another thing you can do is to do it oppositely, apply your eyeshadow like you normally would, then spritz your homemade mixing medium on your brush and gently and lightly tap it across your eyeshadow to make it more vibrant as well as "sealing the deal", (I highly recommend the glycerin/water mix over just pure water for this because water will dull the color, think watercolor paints how it looks runny when you add water).


Grayburn said...

Hey Vanessa! I'm seriously thinking more and more about the soap you're talking about.

Btw, I really do like the new layout of your blog!

I'm still waiting to see Fafi for myself and I'm not really sure about Heatherette's packaging.

Anyways, hope you had a good weekend in your home heaven :)


Anonymous said...

wow, what a coincidence! i was going to ask the same question, but of course, i check back and already there is an answer to it, lol! thanks so much!
~Maha =)

Anonymous said...

don't use can contaminate your pigments and e/s...use mixing medium..instead...
water can get moldy and not good after awhile when it sits in or touches other pigments...

brittni said...

nevermind my NYX lippie question - foundi t on my own! xo

d0rksta said...

Hey Vanessa! To answer your question, I used MAC Powder Blush in Flirt & Tease! It's so shimmery and pretty!

e said...

Just discovered your site and have been combing through your archives stalker style! LOL! Seriously - great site, love the info, layout and tutorials.

Not a huge eyeshadow fan but yesterday's FOTD made me stop! Beautiful! Also this foiling thing is making me re think my natural look! Keep it up!

Steph said...

Hey I know this is late, but I was looking back at your tutorials and I looove the lip color you're wearing in this:

Care to share what it is? lol... thanks!

Anonymous said...

love the info you put in your blogs! keep it up!

Bliss said...

Never knew about this foiling thing, this tip taught me alot :). Thanks.

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