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Monday, February 4, 2008

NYX Store & NYX Skunk Brush Comparison to MAC 187 brush


Many of you ladies have asked some questions regarding my last post (NYX cosmetics), like where that store is at and if the skunk brush is similar to the 187. So first of all, I live in good 'ol LOS ANGELES, where we pretty much have everything, so I was really happy when I found this store, and more so because it's a few feet away from my office. :)

The store is called "Glitz", very similar to "Amuse" (accessory store), and it's even owned by Koreans so you know they are on top of it! I work in Sherman Oaks, obviously this is the internet so I don't want to divulge TOO much information as to the location of my workplace, and perhaps it's pointless since many of you aren't even IN California, however for those of you who are in the vicinity, you can email me and I can let you know where it is. The prices are a dollar more than CherryCulture or other sites, however I look at it like a "get it now in your hands" fee, it's very nominal. So like a single eyeshadow is $3.99 I believe...

As for the NYX Premium skunk brush, I do NOT own any of the NYX brushes, not because of quality or anything like that, but simply because I have TOO many brushes as it is, no joke. And mostly all of my brushes have cost me an arm and a leg (you can ask blogger Anne, she came with me to Nordstroms to shell out $52 on that MAC 183 brush, grr!), so I am on a no-buy on brushes, meaning no more brushes for me!

However, I DID play with the brush itself, it is very soft, but definitely NOT a MAC 187 brush. The MAC 187 brush is a stippling brush, the bristles itself are very thin and super soft, yet sturdy at the same time, so that you can pick up enough powder or liquid foundation and apply it to your face giving you an "airbrush" or natural look depending on your desired coverage. The MAC 187 brush is also not too small, and not too big, so you can also use it to apply MSF's to the apples of your cheeks. It's also a perfect brush for those with heavy hands such as myself.

The NYX Brush was a bit bigger in person than I saw online, it's indeed soft but there is no real "sturdiness" of the bristles, so if you were to put the bristles face-down on a table and push down, there would be no resistance and it would just be flat, that's how soft it is, therefore perhaps giving you less control, but nonetheless, it is a very cheap alternative to the 187 brush. Everyday Minerals also HAD a good dupe of this brush (not sure if they are temporarily sold out or permanently sold out), but I have their brush as well, and it's just as great.

I DO see a difference between the OLD NYX brushes and the PREMIUM ones, the old ones were very cheap (not just in price but quality), and very scratchy to my skin. The premium NYX brushes are a lot softer and definitely workable. However, because they have the word "PREMIUM" attached to the name, the price for each brush isn't remotely close to the old brushes. The skunk brush for NYX is around $17.99, which isn't bad compared to the $42 I spent on my $187 . That's LESS than HALF!

Overall? If you are a gal on a budget or contemplating on purchasing your first set of makeup brushes, then definitely gives these a try (in addition to my other faves, Sonia Kushuk from Target, and Essence of Beauty (Eob) from CVS).


christianadivine said...

i love my coastal scents stippling brush... i find that it's the only brush i use with my blushes now. :P i loved it so much i bought another. LOL! :P plus it's cheaper than NYX's. :P i can't compare it to MAC's though cause I've never felt MAC's. LOL. :P

monica said...

Hi Vanessa!

Thanks for the info on the brushes. I want to buy one that's similar to MAC but I just can't spend so much on a brush. I would feel so bad. I'm sure once you try it you don't need anything else but oh well...I'm thinking about buying the dual fiber brush from Everyday Minerals or actually the coastal scents brush that christianadivine is talking about. I just saw that is just $7.95! Thanks girl!

che said...

i did a search and i think i found the place :P maybe ill go visit there next time im nearby

May said...

thanks for the review and kind words, vanessa :) and lol about the apt. how's the search going?

Anonymous said...

Hi! how do the nyx brushes compare to Mac brushes? which one of the nyx brushes is like the mac pencil brush or the famous 239? thanks!


sas said...

If anyone is in Woodland Hills, CA, there's a place called "Dan's Perfumes" that sells NYX and other inexpensive brands. Plus, HAIR GOODIES! It's around Ventura Blvd and De Soto.

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