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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dupe List #1- Yay!


The day y'all have been waiting for! Please keep in mind that a dupe list is NEVER EVER complete, with all the new innovative products that makeup companies release so that suckers like us buy them, eventually there WILL be a great dupe for it.

I am releasing them slowly because I am still working on it, so this is just a tiny bit! I am also going to make a post soon with some comparison pictures...

This dupe list is a compilation from many sources and people, most you can find just by "Googling".

CLICK HERE for a list courtesy of

MAC Eyeshadows AND Knockoffs:

Amber Lights = Milani: Sun Goddess and Desert Sun, Prestige: Melba

Blue Noir = Prestige: Ink

Cork = Covergirl: Swiss Chocolate

Deep Truth = Loreal: Night Fever (disc.)

Electric Eel = Milani: Atlantis

Glare = Prestige: Golden Sun

Goldmine = Prestige: Golden Retriever

Hepcat = Prestige: Blossom

Humid = Milani: Clover

Hypnotique = Prestige: Saturn

Juxt = Milani: Garden Mist

Melody = Jane: Millionaire

Midnight Blue = Jane: Blue Jeans, Prestige: Horizon

Nocturnelle = Milani: Shock

Pink Freeze = Prestige: Ballet

Pink Venus = Milani: Taffy

Rose = Prestige: Flushed

Sketch = Milani: Marooned

Sushi Flower = Prestige: Love

Trax = Prestige: Flushed

Unreally Blue = Milani: Blue Jeans

Vapor = Prestige: Chilly


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