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Friday, February 8, 2008

NYX Haul & 3 pairs of shoes for $4!


Chelle asked for a tutorial on Sculpt & Shape, in which I did 2 videos on it, so here you are: Video #1 & Video #2.

Julie- Thank you so much! I appreciate your candor and I responded back to your comment (right under yours) and I love your idea for a challenge! So ladies, pick out 5 eyeshadows and ONLY using 5 eyeshadows, create different looks, different color combos!

Also, if any of you readers would like to look at past posts, you can type it in the search box on the right and it will find all the posts relating to that search term. (So it's easier rather than going through each label)

Every so often, my co-worker and I will head downstairs to Glitz to check out any new things (mostly because we just need to take a break from the computer), so we went downstairs yesterday and I got two eyeshadows: "Golden" and "Luster". Golden is similar to Urban Decay's "Shag", or MAC's "Amber Lights" (and yes the DUPE list is almost done!). Luster is a nice light dirty green with a tinge of gold.

I also received the NYX rounded lipsticks from CherryCulture: Thalia, Narcissus, and Rea (again!), I really like the pigmentation of the NYX Round Lipsticks and they have really nice colors. I also like how it's a bit creamy so it's moisturizing at the same time, but not overly creamy to where it comes off right away.

I DON'T like the NYX Diamond Lipsticks, they went too glitter happy with those and I hate it on my lips because I have to remove every single piece of glitter one by one, and if you ever had glitter on your face it's hard to take off without washing your entire face completely!

I am tempted to order all the colors of the NYX lipsticks, I mean at 99 cents each it doesn't sound totally crazy! LOL.

I went to Mervyn's the other day, I don't even shop there, but I went there looking for a new wallet (since I accidentally put pen ink on my favorite WHITE wallet, I know the horror right!??), and they didn't have any nice ones so I found myself staring at some shoes, and they had a sale, BUY ONE pair, GET TWO FREE! In my head, there's NO WAY 3 pairs of shoes are only $4, and the cashier rang me up and it was true!

And I am glad they had my size and they were cute too!

These are my favorite:

See? Only $4! What a steal!


Thushaa said...

The pink flats are way to cute! :)
I wish there were NYX products in Canada. =\ They're so hard to find and I don't feel like ordering them offline.

Grayburn said...

Those shoes are adorable. Reminds me of the Fafi drawings MAC is releasing!

Have a great weekend Vanessa :)


Christina said...


This is a bit random, but which brush cleaner do you use? I'm considering buying a Clinique brush cleaner but I have no idea how good it is.


Vanessa said...

Hi Christina- I use either baby shampoo (Johnson & Johnson), it's very gentle and a good alternative to actual brush cleaners, or this brush cleaner I bought from CVS, it's Essence of Beauty (EoB) and comes in a spray bottle.

christianadivine said...

those are some adorable shoes and for $4.00?! what a steal. i love those NYX lipsticks. i still have yet to pick up any! jeez. LOL.

Kaoru said...

Wow, what a steal on those shoes! I need to go to my Ross around here, and see if they have anything new... it's right next to my grocery store, so it's not like I have to make a separate trip.

You're making me want those NYX lipsticks more with every post, hehe.

K.G. said...

Hi again! Cute pink shoes, awesome that you got those three pairs for $4. I'm going to check out Mervyn's! Oh, and I left you a comment under the one you commented to me yesterday :) I'm coming to the realization that blogger doesn't send replies I make to the people who commented. Anyway, great find on the shoes!

che said...

omg, what a fantabulous deal on those shoes! :)

Mrs. Lynne said...

That's unbelieveable sis! What a deal.

That is interesting how your NYX's come in the round tubes cuz I've been swatching off the squarish containers, but the same names. But Thalia and Rea have been my lemmings since the last time at the store. And when I got grocery shopping next, they will be mine - mmUUHAHAHHAH!!

LS said...

OMG what a steal with those shoes! And I'm definitely going to pencil in my calendar a trip to Glitz. Thanks Vanessa you are the master bargain hunter!!

p.s. sorry about your white wallet, it was a lovely wallet =(

Tiff said...

Your so pretty and I love your blog. Its very informative and I always look forward to the new things you post. Thanks for sharing with us. Cant wait til you get the website up! :-)


the Muse said...

I want your shoes!

Loving the pink!

Perfect for Spring :)

Nice haul of NYX too!

slvrlips said...

Great Haul!!!
Those lipstick s are hot!! I so want to invest especially if they are only .99 cents. BTW love the hot pink flats as well


3 pair of shoes for 4 bucks! WoW is all I can say cause they are too cute!

Viii小公主 said...

Hi Vanessa =))
The two NYX shadows in this post are close dupes of two of the shadows in my Lancome quad! The Lancome colours are: Pose (NYX Golden) and Designer (NYX Luster)! Hope that helps with your dupe list =)) Thanks for all your great posts, I'm learning alot!

Viii小公主 said...

Ohhh!! And your polka dots flats in this post, they're too cute!!! I have exactly the same ones in navy blue, but with red polka dots, which I picked up in Icing by Claire's. I wish I had black/white ones like yours!

Nic Nic said...

wow $4 for 3 pairs, thats dirt cheap!! the polka dots pair are really cute! cant wait to see your look with those new NYX shadows. it such a shame they dont sell NYX in UK!

Ruby said... come we never have places w/awesome sales like that here?

kat said...

nessa! loving everything on your site! just letting you don't need to find a new wallet!!

grab some hairapray and spritz it on the spot! wipe clean with a cloth. tada! brand new! learned that when i worked at clinique. :)

can't wait for your next post!!
kisses, kat

Elizabeth said...

your lips look HOT especially ''narcissus''Do a FOTD with that on yeah? ;)

Cheap shoes and cute too!

All The Glitters said...

very cute shoes, which reminds me I need some for school, hate wearing flipflops all the time. Love love love the lipsticks you have pictured from NYX, they are the

Taryn said...

What a great deal on the shoes!

I absolutely love the Luster shadow and am thinking of ordering it. I wish we still had a store here that sold NYX. Their website claims you can get it at a cosmetics company outlet or something in the factory mall, but ours is aways away and I wonder if the selection is picked over.

You're so lucky to be in CA! Except for the hot weather and traffic, I think it's the perfect place!

Anna said...

The flats are too cute! $4?? whoa!! lucky u

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

1 pair for $4 would've been awesome already but wow 3 for $4? now you have more money for makeup hehe :)

nai nai said...

i'm itchin to go to mervyns now! =]

Lora said...

Adorable shoes....oh and try hairspray to get the pen ink off your wallet ;-)

Anonymous said...

Vanessa, what a great haul. I bought some of the same lippies on Cherryculture as well, and now I see how gorgeous they are, I am triple exited, LOL. And
I have to have the Luster eyeshadow now!!!

brittni said...

OMG I love that lipstick Narcissus! It's GORGEOUS!!!

glad to hear the nyx glitter lipsticks are definitely glittery. maybe I'll order some ofthose before sephora glitter lipstick

(g)ezebel said...

i love those black and white polka dot open toes! do they come in a 3 1/2 inch stilletto heel? :0)

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting up ur deals
went to mervyn's today and got a couple pairs also

love ur tutorials also :)

MakeupByRenRen said...

whoa! that is a steal! don't you love bargain shopping!

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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