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Monday, February 25, 2008

Reader Questions


I love all the questions you ladies have asked, but some of you forget to add your name and email for me to contact you back with, hence if your question went unanswered it's probably because I had no way to reply back to you...and as often as I try to comment back under the same post, it can get lost in the comments, especially since I update often.

Therefore, if you DO have a question in addition to your comment, please use the Cbox (chat box) to the right of the screen, takes a few seconds to register, and you can ask your question so that others can also read and learn in case they may have the same question. I ALWAYS respond there super fast since it's so convenient, so please do not hesitate to use it!

So here are some answers to your questions:

- Charlene: I personally think that Milani's "Beach Sand" makes a great highlighter even moreso dry, however it can be too glittery for some, but I have used it in an upcoming FOTD as a highlighter and it came out gorgeous! To avoid getting glitter all over the place, I like using a sponge-tipped applicator to give me more control as well as the sponge "holding onto" the glitter.

- I DID have a formal debut (as some of you asked), I honestly didn't want a debut because I hate parties that are mine, lol. But my grandma and my mom made me have one because it was "a once in a lifetime thing", despite the fact that I wanted a car! I ended up getting both thank goodness because I was about to throw a fit! LOL. Some of you wanted to see pics but my mom has all the pics and she lives in Washington, so I'l try and steal a couple the next time I visit her! (For those of you who are unfamiliar with a "debut" it's basically a rite of passage when you are 18, similar to a quinceaƱera at 15)

- The lip erase is not overly drying, it makes your lips feel dry which is why I recommend using something before you apply it such as a chapstick, that way your lips feel like normal. You do not have to wait for it to dry, just apply it and then apply your lipstick like you normally would.

- The Milani Eyeshadows I featured on my previous posts are NOT all the colors, the colors that are missing is a baby pink (I believe it's called "Girl Luvs Pink" or "Girls luv pink"), and a lime green one which I didn't get the name.

- I AM NOT selling MAC Pigment Samples at this time, I am just too busy at the moment to really devote time to selling them AND I need more jars, so right now it's on hold indefinitely, meaning I do not have a time frame as to when I will offer them, but I will announce it on here like I do everything else so keep checking back!

- MAC PRO items are NOT LE, only the normal collections that come out are LE, but MAC PRO products are all permanent for MAC PRO, some have appeared at normal MAC Counters and Freestanding stores (such as certain amplified creme lipsticks such as "Girl About Town"), but the complete list are in PRO stores...


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