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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

MAC Release Dates & Update


MAC Release Dates: (no further info provided yet)

Tomorrow- Fafi Launch, US Launch
February 14th (Valentine's Day)- MAC Foundation (Loose/Mineral Powder)
March 6th- Fergie VIVA GLAM & MAC Strobe Collection, US Launch
March 13th- Beauty Powder Blushes
March 27th- Heatherette!!!

May 1st-
Naughty Nauticals US Launch
Skinsheen US Launch
Dazzleglass US Launch

May 29th-

Tendertones US Launch
Future Earth US Launch
Solar Field US Launch
Neo Sci-Fi US Launch

So it's been pretty hectic on my end, I am still recovering from FAFI! So I know I am lagging big time on questions, comments, emails, etc. I am slowly, but surely getting to it.

Last night I put on my CPA hat and was doing my grandparents taxes. I hate numbers! I got so befuddled after awhile, I just went to bed. So I know I was debating whether to return the Fun N' Sexy Lipstick from Fafi, but a lot of you gals liked it, so after some serious listening to you ladies, I went home and tried it on again (and in better lighting!), and I actually like it! The glitter isn't that noticeable unless you are really staring at my lips, but I like the blue/pink look it gives so it's not a bright pink like it actually looks, but a softer pink. I'll try and do a FOTD soon with it as well as the Hipness Blush.

Some of you asked about the blushes, they are very-well pigmented and may be bright for some, but I think they are nice for any skintone, whether it be light, medium, or dark, it gives a nice flush of color, (given you have a light hand). I did not get the "Fashion Frenzy" blush (the pink one) because I still have "Dollymix" which is also a bright pink blush from MAC with subtle shimmer.

I am really trying to control the makeup spending (seriously!), just trying not to buy things I don't need, well to be honest, I don't "need" any of this stuff, but at least control buying things I already have or similar colors.

I think I may have more things to sell, but I have to go and check my stash and see what I got!

I didn't forget about the FOTD's, such as lavender and brown, J. Lo's FOTD for Chloe, etc. I just haven't had time to really sit there and do them, I've been super lazy the past week for coming up with looks and fotd's, not that im un-inspired, but just been focusing on getting the new re-vamped site up! Which by the way I love, although I will miss a few things from blogger. I still will post here on blogspot, I have decided to do so just because. But I like how the new site will be more organized (to me anyway).

I will be posting again later...just wanted to update you gals on why it's been "slower" than usual. :)


makeupfairytale said...

ahhhhhhhh i can't wait for all those product launches,ohhhh march 27 is my brother's birthday, if only i could buy heatherette for him hehehe. since discovering your site, my bank account has been very low.hahahaha =P

Ethereal Prey said...

I'm trying to control my spending on makeup as well. i'm weak willed. ugh'd think being a student they'd give you money back....noo...blah govt...
you're a busy girl, come back when you're ready! :)

Xuanie said...

thnks for the release date info, now i have to pencil the dates.. hehe

petitebelle said...

I think Fun 'n Sexy is cute on you, and also it looks to be a unique color so you should keep it at least for that. I personally would look terrible in anything cool toned but you're rocking it!

Christal said...

hey girl,
Ohhh ahh I see, yah I also have dolly mix as well.....Darn I shoulda thought of that b4 I bought fashion frenzy, oh well. I have a corally one from Makeup4ever too, so TECHNICALLY I don't need any more blush hahahha. I too need to stop spending so much money on makeup I don't need. I must say my MAC spending did start getting high once I read your blog, and saw how beautiflly you put on your e/s hahahah!
Oh man what are we to do! I think the only way to stop us from spending money on MAC is to ban ourselves from them and make sure MA dont sell us anything, thats the only way I would stop. hahaha

Hmmm feb14th MAC is coming out with mineral foundation eh??? interesting, let's see if the ingredients have talc in them like the MAYBELINE mineral foundation.
Toodles girl!

MakeupByRenRen said...

hey honey bunches, wow there are a LOT of new collections coming out! i think i might go back and get this fashion frenzy since i dont have convinved me! do you know what ur getting ur hubby for valentines?

Ruby said...

Those sci fi names are interesting...I'm guess solar field will be something skincare and spf?

In any case, I'm excited for them!

Lynn said...

Hey Vanessa. Yeah, I'm trying to put limits on my spending as well. At least when you buy things you can opt to resale them via this site. I think I spent over $1000 on just sunglasses in the past year, but I usually end up wearing the same pair every time I go out. I also need to stop buying clothes that I never end up wearing. I just found a bag of clothes that I bought last year that I never even touched. I just found it behind my couch. You know you've got bad spending habits when you don't even realize that you're missing a whole bag of clothes from a shopping trip. I tend to go shopping when I'm bored or depressed, but I think I'm doing a lot better this year. I think...I think lots of girls have crazy shopping habits. Oh I sent you a friend request on myspace the other day, but I'm not sure if you got it. Have a great week. Back to work for me. xoxo

Anne said...

boooooooooo i'm always so slow find out when you're selling piggie samples. dammit work computer and late night classes :(

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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