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Wednesday, February 13, 2008 Product Review: Kleancolor Eye Palette


I've always been such a fan of palettes; you name it, eye palettes, lipgloss palettes, and multi-use palettes. I love the mere convenience of having everything- all your favorites, in one easy to carry palette. Since I focus on the eyes a lot when I do makeup, I like having a wide array of eyeshadow colors available in case I need to switch up a look, or simply to match an outfit. I have MAC palettes, but they are way too large to be carrying in my purse just for a touch up, so the Kleancolor eyeshadow palette is a great alternative to a large eyeshadow palette on a much smaller, convenient scale.

The Kleancolor palette is a small compact palette of 9 gorgeous eyeshadow colors. I really liked the small casing as it really was a perfect fit in my makeup bag. Just looking at the eyeshadows, I was really expecting it to have poor color payoff and being left with very sheer, hard to apply eyeshadows. I swatched a couple of colors on my arm and I was really surprised how pigmented they were! Totally what I was NOT expecting! The color payoff (pigmentation) was beyond amazing, and I got a lot of color on the first swipe, and I really liked all the colors.

The only thing I didn't like about this palette, is how small each eyeshadow pan is. It's super tiny and obviously it is tiny so that it can be very compact, however I do wish it was a bit larger for better application. It was so small I can barely get my pinky finger in the pan enough to grab some color to test. But with the sponge-tip eyeshadow applicator included (and handy), it definitely does the job. I picked Pixi, which a bright colored palette, but there are other palette colors available for a soft or neutral look such as: “Classic”, “Brown Sugar” and “Blue Sky” which tailors to brown-neutral loving gals, or even those who want to be more daring and opt for a more bolder, darker, smoky look.

But with such a great price at $4 each, you seriously cannot go wrong. The price for all four palettes is the price of ONE high-end eyeshadow! And look at the wide array of colors you have to choose from! NYX and L.A. Colors have been one of my favorites when it comes to affordable cosmetics, but I have to say that Kleancolor has got me checking to see all their other items! Also because of its cute compact size, they make great gifts or even stocking stuffers around Christmas time!


christianadivine said...

great review. hehe. i have two kleancolor palettes, and i agree... the color pay off is actually pretty good. i actually used one of the palettes in my smokey eye video tut for hazel eyes! haha! :P

Anonymous said...

hi nessa, I have the same pallete and mine was from the 99 cent store.

Anonymous said...

yeah...i bought mines for a dollar at dollar tree...$4 bucks is a lot..!!

Katrina said...

I was wondering if you could do a small simple swatch for this palette?

Thank You!


:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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