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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Heated Eyelash Curler


What do you use to curl your hair? A heated curling iron right? (minus you ladies that use curlers!)

So what do you use to curl your eyelashes? A heated eyelash curler!

I for one am scared of heat, I burned a few fingers on a sizzling skillet when I was 6 and I remember it clearly, and yes I am traumatized by it still which is my excuse as to why I don't cook. But back to my story, I currently have a heated eyelash curler which I love because I don't even feel heat- the Ardell eyelash curler.

However, as I was cruising down the makeup aisle at Wal-Mart, I noticed a heated eyelash curler by LA CROSS, but it was NOTHING I have ever seen before. This eyelash curler looked liked a pen and actually had a wand! It grabbed my curiosity and before you know it, I was walking to my car with it in my hands! As a beauty blogger, I just had to give it a try.

It requires one AAA battery, and you basically push the barrel of the "pen" down to make the wand pop up on top, the LED light goes on, and you wait for the tiny pink colored band to turn clear, that's when you know it's ready. (reminds me of a pregnancy test)

Using it felt easy, as if I was applying mascara. I felt the heat at some points which made my heart race as if I was a person with OCD facing my fears. I was careful not to burn my eyelid (not sure if it can really burn but the heat is intense enough for me to think it will).

A closer look:



Before and After pictures, this was using NO primer/base, NO mascara, nothing, just my be the judge.

I don't think it really curled as well as my Ardell lash curler, it seemed to LIFT my lashes but not curl them; but then again I might have just been too scared to fully see its potential...this requires further evaluation.




brittni said...

I don't think the heated eyelash curlers such as the one you just got from Walmart work that well. I actually tried the Sephora brand one and was disappointed! All it did was lift. I think it's much easier to use a regular eyelash curler or a heated version like your Ardell and just make sure you apply mascara the right way.... plus, false eyelashes are always fun, too!


nai nai said...

i also have BOTH of the heated eyelash curlers in this entry. except different brands. the wand type one i have is sephora brand, and it doesnt work well alone. The other one (flat wide one) i bought a japanese brand off ebay for about 8 bucks w/ shipping and everything, and it works much better than the wand. i find that the wand does work very well if you use your regular metal eyelash curler RIGHT after, while your lashes are still hot. try it that way and tell me what you think! it works best for me when i use that method.

Kelly said...

I'm cheap and find that putting my hair dryer on for a few seconds on my eyelash curler followed by mascara works really well!

May said...

I tried the Japonesque version of the La Crosse one you just got. It took way too long and too much effort to get a really great curl. Granted, the curl was one of best curls I ever saw on my lashes, but they went back to normal after an hour. I was so sad :( Even with mascara. I don't understand why it did that.

So now I just take my time with the Shu and it produces the same effect that lasts all day.

May said...

btw, love your nails!

Ethereal Prey said...

I got the heated eyelash curler from sephora, total waste of money. it didn't really do much, and just sits in my train case now. Back to my trusty Shu...
I too had this fear or burning my eyelids...I know where you're coming from...

jewels said...

wow so brave! careful not to burn lashes!

starusticity said...

Have you come across Privacy's Eyelash Curlkeeper (i THINK the brand should be Privacy). It's actually hairspray for your lashes, you spray this onto your curler and use the curler as per normal. I've not really gotten the hang of it, basically just bought it cos it was looked so interesting :p (sorry don't have a link to the product but can try google for more info)

mzxjoey said...

I have the Sephora one, I tried it a couple years ago, but it ran out of batteries, lol. But I think it takes time to figure out just how to maneuver it in order for it to work to it's full potential. In the end, I found that it curled better, but not much lift. I use my Shu for the lift (: I hope this helps you out!

Anonymous said...

hey vanessa how much was that curler? the sephora one is $16 bux..

che said...

i had one from avon that was like your ardell one... i didnt like it. so i tried the one from sephora which is like this lacross one. it took some getting used to but with proper use it works really well! usually i curl with my shu, apply mascara and wait until it dries, then use the heated curler. you kind of have to catch the ends and curl it in if that makes sense. i think it's meant to be used w/ mascara on. but when i use my katie b mascara after my shu, i dont need this extra step! :P

Ruby said...

I don't have a battery operated heat curler..but I use something similar to it: a chopstick and a lighter. Yea..the old skool way. xD

There is a technique to this. In order for it to curl AND lift, you gotta pull it up then "spin and curve" your hand -out- and sort of push your lashes into to lids so that it's in a bent-ish position...if done right, it will curl and lift wonderfully. Sorry...can't exactly explain it..x(

christianadivine said...

I second Kelly's way of curling your eyelashes. :] When I'm not being a lazy butt, I just heat up my regular eyelash curler with my blow dryer, wait a few seconds for it to cool down enough and curl. It works better than the actual heated curler I bought from Walmart. I forget what brand it was, but it looks like your Ardell one. :P

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

that lacross curler looks scary to me too! i would rather try the blow dryer method for fear of burning my eyelid or losing some lashes.

(g)ezebel said...

i have the sephora heated curler, too. when i called to complain about it, one of the girls suggested that i use it AFTER applying mascara. she said that that's what they were taught in "class." it does seem to work better after i have mascara on, but now that i can slap on fake lashes faster than i can do primer and mascara, i'm done with lash curlers and mascara!

Pheleen said...

I like the glitters on your nails! :D
I rarely use a heated eyelash curler. And I 'cheat' since I just blow hot air (blow dryer) to my eyelash curler and curl away! Hehe. =)

nilla cookie said...

Wow, this is pretty interesting! It does look like it works, but it looks kind of scary to use. If your lashes aren't long enough to begin with, you have to apply it closer to your eye and that would freak me out.

I like the design of your Ardell better because it's like a regular curler, and looks easier to use. Would you do a side be side photo of the Ardell results vs. this one??

Geemiya said...

Are the walgreens/ CVS brands like Covergirl and Revlon the same in quality like the expensive ones like Shu and Tweezerman??

Vanessa said...

Thanks for all the suggestions ladies!

Star- Have not tried the Privacy Curl Keeper yet but i'll look into that! :)

Hi Lilan- Yeah i'll do a comparison soon!

Geemiya- I just bought the Shu and I love it! The Revlon and drugstores ones are crap compared to the Shu! I thought that there was nothing special about the Shu since it looks like the cheap drugstore ones but it its shaped differently so it conforms better and doesnt pinch your lids or lashes! I'll do a comparison soon!

Mrs. Lynne said...

I'm a little scared to put heat near my eyes. Well, not really but more about the fact of being clumsy and burning the rim of my lid, lol. Especially since I do my lashes last, I'd hate to f-up and react to rubbing my eyes only to face Armageddon, lol.

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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