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Friday, February 8, 2008

New Hair 'Do!


Thanks lovely ladies for your sweet comments on my last post, some of you asked if I took classes for photography or a natural talent, I never had any formal training, my dad used to be a photographer, so I got my first camera when I was 3 years old (110 film camera), which I loved playing with! And got my first film SLR camera at 18. I would take pictures with my dad when I was younger, go on scenic trips and whatnot. I just have an eye for things and try to rush and capture it before it's gone. Candid shots are the best, and my favorite is Black & White because it's classic and timeless.

I started itching to shoot again when I was in high school so after I graduated I took a Photography class in college, but it only dealt with slides and Black & Whites. Then I stopped for awhile to go in front of the camera, as I then was modeling at the time, and thought i'd make good use of my time and started asking the photographers a thing or two, about settings, angles, and lighting.

I then took everything I knew and started to play with different subjects, locations, and lighting. And everything just developed from there. I want to keep shooting because I love it, I just hardly have time to, but hopefully soon I can grab my camera and just shoot somewhere all day. The one thing I hate about photography is how expensive the equipment is, the lenses especially, lordy!

So I got a new 'do yesterday, my friend dyed my hair a medium brown (looks dark in photos), he then cut some hair off to take off some weight and styled it, and I loved it!

Me and hubbo putting his phone stylus in his mouth...weirdo!


Kristy Q said...

Holy smackers! You look fantastic! You're making me miss my long hair terribly...I cut off like 10-12inches 2 years ago, and like my shorter hair, but your pics made me want it back! LOL :) Great colour for you, too!

Talk soon!

nilla cookie said...

Love the cut and color Vanessa! Suits you well and what a perfect way to kick off the weekend! You and hubbo need to go out on a hot date :)

missjaclynrose said...

your hair is soooo pretty... love the new style!

J said...

Love love your hair - it's fab!

Preeti said...

Hi Vanessa,

I've been a silent reader for quite a while now. Your blog is really informative and I find the product reviews extremely helpful. I just wanted to say that your hair looks AMAZING! Absolutely love the side swept bangs. Your friend did agreat job. I have pretty long (and thick) hair too and I always feel that my hair looks better when the stylist "takes the weight" out of it. Have fun with the new look!

Mrs. Lynne said...

We must really be related because I love scenic pictures and taking them. Only I have a junk camera so the happening isn't all that great, hah.

Looks good sis! I wish I knew someone to cut my hair. I'm the one always doing everyone elses, lol.

You two are so effin cute :)

d0rksta said...

lovin' the new 'do!

i've been wanting to learn photography for a very long time now, but haven't gotten the chance to do so /:

Chiara said...

Awl Nessa, you're new hair is so cute! I'm really digging those bangs :] How long was your hair before? Your hair still looks fairly long. I'm lovin itt~

kae said...

wow your hair is super long! nice, and i like the color. what is the purple eyeliner you're wearing on your bottom lash line? or is it an eyeshadow? its really pretty! haha oh yeah and does your bf use the MDA? lol .. i saw it in his "brat video". i used to have it

mayaari said...

the new 'do looks great - it makes me want to reconsider my hair appt for next week, haha...your long hair is gorgeous!

scenic shots are so pretty...and I love B&W photos, or if photos are in sepia to make it look a little aged.

leenah said...

wow nessa your hair is really cute, i love the color and how its shiny. very nice!

Xuanie said...

good day vanessa!! im loving the hair the cut and color, i wish my hair was long again. i cut it like a few mnths back before i went back to school because i wanted something new, now im just bored, and looking at your hair makes me want it back. lol. have a good one! bye

Stephie said...

ate, i love your new hair! the color and cut suits you so well. and the second to the last pic is absolute perfection :) i love seeing that cute pout hehe!

Vanessa said...

Kristy- Hello gorgeous! HAHA yeah I remember one time I cut my hair REALLY short and I HATED it, I cried for months until it was long again. Even now I am so tempted to chop it off, but I know that with long hair I can style it more!

Lilan- Thank you! I loved the color too, he was really great at picking it out since I just told him I wanted a medium brown. HAHA and yes me and the hubbo definitely need a date since we are both super busy! Have a great weekend Lilan!

Jackie- Thank you mama! Yeah it feels soooo much lighter! I love it!

J- Thanks!

Preeti- Thank you! I am glad you left a comment! I love hearing from the "silent" ones haha, and I am glad you are enjoying the site! I know I love how he took a lot of that dead weight off, feels SO much better! And I love how bangs give your face some shape, I gotta figure out new ways to style it!

Sis Lynn- Haha I bet we ARE related and just don't know it yet, LOL. And wow you cut hair!??? Now I know where to go to if im in Hawaii!

Mimi- Thank you mama! Yeah it's very time consuming to learn photography, I hope I can break some time away to practice at it and get more shots!

Hey Chiara- Thank you lovely! Gosh my hair was SUPER LONG, it's amazing when you cut it and it STILL looks long, that's when you know it goes on for miles! LOL. I got about 3 inches off from the bottom.

Hi Kae- Wow you have a good eye! My makeup was all crappy at the end of the day since I don't really care about doing my makeup for work, but yes it was indeed a purple eyeliner from Sephora (it's a chunky pencil), and I used it on my lower lashes and just smudged it in.

HAHA and yeah my BF actually has my OLD phone (before I got my iPhone), and so he has the MDA which is funny because he got it for me on MY birthday two years ago! LOL so now it went back to him, I think he just likes "Bubble Breaker" more than the phone! LOL how do you like yours?

Mayaari- Thank you! Yeah for once I actually like how my hair was done (usually I throw a fit because they effed up)!

And yes I agree, I love BW and Sepia, it's a nice change from color.

Leenah- Thank you sweets! I told him to put all the moisture back in since it's been so dry!

Xuanie- Hi Xuanie! Haha yeah I always have regrets when I cut my hair short, I just like how you can style long hair more than short hair! Have a great weekend!

the Muse said...

gorgeous girl ;)

just gorgeous!

christianadivine said...

cute new do sis. lookin' super hot. :]

Cynthia said...

love the layers and bangs in front!! FABULOUS!

Coladagal said...

Hi Nessa,
love, love your new haircut, it's so supermodelish, well more like a l'oreal ad. I saw your hubby's videos on youtube, gawd you guys are funny, my husband is the same with the tongue-pulling business and always ready to aggravate me but you know how it is, you're going mad but you cannot help but laugh.

Keep up the great work and thank you for all your time, sweetie!


Mulzanza said...

ah i love your hair! what products do you use? it looks so healthy and shiny...

Thushaa said...

Shoot your hair looks good! ;) It's so long and beautiful. *knock on wood* =P
I want to cut and colour my hair tomorrow for my semi but then my mother dearest goes off on her rant about me colouring my hair and being bald in 10 years. LOL :)

lily said...

kawaii..>_< means cute in japanese..lolz..anyway, fabulous

Christal said...

hunny your hair looks very sophisticated and stylish, I love the dark brown on you! THe bangs and layers in the front really open up your face!
and I like the purple on you,,,I must say purple looks great. Im always jealous of my asian friends and you heehee cuz you all have LONG THICK flowing hair. I have thin asian hair thats kind wavy so I can only do short hair! boo ut I know we always want what we dont have!

kae said...

ohh ok thanks. its a nice shade of purple thats why. haha aww now i miss the MDA because of bubble breaker! thats funny how he got it for you, and now its his. my phone is ehh.. its the sidekick 3..i just fell into all the hype lol. hubbs offered me an iphone unlocked for tmobile but i felt bad and dont really need it since im just a stay at home mom.. still searching for a new phone. lol

anya said...

oh my gosh! ur hair is sooo cute! who do u go to and how much does he cost?!!

love ur blog!

Sheila said...

Niiiiice! I love the bangs. It's very flattering, and it gives your hair more shape.

Vanessa said...

Thank Sis Stephie, Muse, Christiana, Cynthia, Coladagal and everyone else!

Mary- I use John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette Leave in Smoothing Milk after I get out of the shower, I use different shampoos, but nothing fancy! I also like infusium23.

Thanks Thushaa and Lily!

Christal- Thank you hon! I know right! Girls with curly hair want straight hair, and girls with straight hair (like me) want curly hair! HAHA not fair!

Kae- Yeah it's funny how hype gets everyone on the wagon eh? So many phones out there now, I was debating for a long time before I got my iPhone, because I wasn't sure if I needed it, but ended up loving it after my co-workers got it!

Hi Anya! Thanks so much, my good friend Raul does my hair, his rates vary depending on what you get done.

Thanks Sheila! I agree, I love how much lighter it feels and healthier it feels too! And bangs really do give any face some shape!

sunnkiist said...

oh my GOD! girl, rea looks gorgeous on you!! i dunno why but it looks so dark on me and makes me look dead. :[ you just made me wanna get narcissus. :]

Anna said...

your hair looks soooo goooooood

Nic Nic said...

wow i love your new do!! suits you alot.. look so cute w/ it.. love the hair colour too, your frd did a very good job ;) im so envious of your long hair!! hehe

Lea said...

Super lovely with the fringe and layers! I've chopped my hair three times in the last 6 months (since I turned 30). Last time I came home with the shorter cut the boyf asked if I'm okay (well first he said it looked really good--to be polite, lol). I told him not to worry and that I was just having a mid-life crisis. hehe. But jokes aside, I like my short hair but miss my long hair.

Geemiya said...

Super cute hair cut!! and wow your hair is really long! ahah.. thanks for sharing your Haul.. now i can add to my shopping list!

Ruby said...

I am so lemming your long hair right now!
Can we trade for like a week?

Krystle said...

I love the hair-the color, the cut, the style! Sooo pretty! How did you get your bangs to stay like that on the side? Mine are about as long as yours and they wont sit in that sideswept manner. argg.

Those shoes are soo cute! Are they comfy too?

Meo said...

very very cute haircut!!! u have very nice silky hair, very full and thick!!! GORGEOUS!!


' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

you look great with the bangs! man, seeing your hair makes me want to grow out my hair, but it'll take awhile as mine doesn't grow very fast.

halimaw ng umaga said...

i love your new 'do!
i have fine hair so that means I can just dream to have the 'do you don. ;(
happy weekend beautiful!

Emilee @ GMM said...

Yowza! You look great with bangs! :)

elfie said...

miss nessa! can u purty please tell us socal ladies where to find raul?! i need him to do me up!

Jill said...

heyy i love yur blog! its so helpful and ive been readin it for a while and this is the first time im commentin :)
i luvv yur new hair do && yur bangs. it looks kinda similar to mine ;]

i was wonderin what yu do to maintain long hair? and if thers any ways to make hair grow faster? cuz my hair grows slow oh so sloww, and ive been wantin long hair for a while now. Also, what would yu use to treat split ends, i usu. have to get my hair cut shorter becuz of them. :(

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Love the new hair! It looks awesome and gives you so much body! :D Wow girl you have so much hair too! LOL, I thought I had thick hair

leepsz said...

First of all you & the BF are perfectionnnn,
& Your hair looks amazing, & so healthy looking :|
I'm jealous.
& he cut some OFF?! Your hairs so longg, once again..jealous.
For some reason my hair never grows that long, hmph.
& the side bang thing looks sexxaaayyy ;)

P.S, What does the BF think of your over-obsession with makeup?! LOL mine just rolls his eyes everytime I bring home something new.

MakeupByRenRen said...

hey hottie! your hair is so cute! looks superrrr shiny and wow it's long...i've been thinking of doing something different to my hair've inspired me!

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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